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Living Legacy



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Weatherpoof Vinyl

Care Instructions

-Avoid rubbing or scraping sticker to prevent pieces from curling or coming off.

-If outside or on a car, small pieces and edges will curl over time.

-If outside or on a car, you can wash the sticker and go through a car wash. Be carful when hand washing or spraying presurized water directly on the sticker as this can cause damage or cause small pieces to come loose.


Approximately 7.5 inches x 3.5 inches

Application Instructions

Application directions:
1. Clean surface with soap and water. Allow to dry.
2. Carefully peal the vinyl sticker off the backing paper. The vinyl should be fully stuck to the transfer paper*
3. Place the sticker on your desired surface. Used a hard piece of plastic like a credit card or plastic squeegee to press over the entire sticker. Press from the center towards the edge to avoid any air bubbles.
4. Slowly pull off the transfer paper at a slight angle. Make sure every piece of the sticker is stuck to the surface before removing the transfer tape.
5. Enjoy your sticker :)

*small pieces may try to stay stuck to the paper backer. Before removing fully, you may need to press the transfer tape hard against small pieces. Do not pull too fast as to avoid ripping the sticker.

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